Rave on the Arts – Studio Sessions on Shaw Cable


Art Rave, started some time ago as the brain child of Wes Bloxham, has over the past few years put together a series of art shows at the station and other locations, participated in Summer Solstice from its beginning and has been a keen supporter of the arts in town.

Arguably its most effective and clearly most visible and lasting contribution to local arts and artists has been the work of Jillian Mayne (and some others) to interview and film for Shaw Cable, a TV series looking at the work and process of local and coastal visual artists. Called Rave on the Arts – Studio Sessions, with so far some six artists being featured, with three more planned for this fall and winter. All are worth our attention and show remarkably high production values, and are produced with the care and attention to detail that marks Jillian approach and highlights Nancy Wilmots lasting contribution to the Valley.

In this series of visits with artists in their studios, Jillian has shown us their work spaces and sometimes their homes, while exploring with them their personal journey to the making of art. She has selected artists working in a wide range of media and styles, she comments that, “I have been surprised to learn how many of our local professional artists are connected with international collaborators amd buyers.”

These can be seen on YouTube, in no particular order:

Cynthia Bonesky:

Gordon Dick

Allison Tremain

Deborah Philipp

Chris Doman

Todd Robinson:

Banner image Francis Barkley returning home


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