Magical creations in felt on display at Art Matters until end of July


Gittan Klemetsrud has chosen to exhibit her creative wet felting works at Art Matters. These are one of a kind, hand made, in sheep wool, combined in some cases with different fibres – lace silk, cotton and even banana. All of the dies are natural.

Gittan writes that “when I placed my hands for the first time in a pile of carded wool, something triggered a memory from my early childhood, a memory that my mind had forgotten but not my sensory nerves. My hands remembered the softness of this organic natural raw material. But when I added warm water and natural soap this material had never felt so right in my hands. My hands knew exactly how to transform these thin, light and soft fibres into creative three dimensional shapes and forms. Of course, it requires some practice and control of the process, but the feeling that overcame me was that the knowledge was somehow already there.

With inspirations from nature and my soul, these creations grow to become soft sculptures, in a biomorphic shape language. They all have universal form with a personal artistic twist.”

The imagination and design quality she has injected into these sometimes humble objects, a cat sleeping basket for example, is quite wonderful. This show should not be missed.

These special pieces are on display at Art Matters [beside the Blue Door]on Harbour Quay until the end of July


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